Lottie is the future?

Lottie is an open-sourced animation file format like no other. It is smaller with higher quality and allows for you to create animations that can be interacted with. So versatile, you can easily implement it on almost all platforms out there!

Source : Lottiefiles Official Website

Lotties 25%
Animated GIF 60%
PNG Sequence 80%
Video 100%

Custom animation options

Lottie Animation Addon for Elementor uses the library of JSON animations from lottefiles.com.You can easily pick up an animation that suits your clients need and use it in few clicks.

Reverse animation on second click

You need to set Loops Counter 1 from Loop Animation

Animations On Hover + Link

Animation on Click with Custom Delay

You can add your custom delay before link to proceed.

On Scroll Parallax

Lottiefiles animation in elementor will work while you scroll on this section. You can make it working based on scroll in elementor section. Scroll this page.

Mouse Over Out Animation with Iconic Layout

Lottiefiles animation in Over Out will work while you mouse over then start, and mouse out animation reverse and stop.