Woo Image Tutorial

Essential Classy Tab from Dashboad -> Widgets then enable Woo Image Widget

Now Drag and Drop Woo Image widget

Woo Image Type

In this Tab, We have Two option. First one for Normal Image (IMG Tag) and Second One as Background Image.

Woo Image Type as Image

In Normal Image, You can manage Image Resolution and It’s Alignment Left, Right or Center.
Also, You can manage Link for Image.

Woo Image Type as Background

In this Background, You can manage Image Resolution.
We have four type of option in this. So based on your usage you can manage Background Image.

Woo Image Style

In this tab, You can manage Image Size, Padding and Margin.
Also, You can manage Background, Border, Shadow, Transition and Transform form Normal and Hover State of Image.

Woo Image Background Style

In this Background Size, You can manage Background Size, Position and Attachement.
Also, You can manage Background Repeate option.