Essential Classy Addons For Elementor

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Slide Custom Listing Widget Tutorial

Essential Classy Tab from Dashboad -> Widgets then enable Slide Custom Listing Widget
Now Drag and Drop Slide Custom Listing widget

Slide Listing Option

Slide Sorting

Source – Image/Icon

Heading with tag

Desction and Button

Box Link

Slider Option

Slider Direction – Vertical/Horizontal

Slide to Show and Slide to Scroll Option

Slider Gap

Slider Dots

Slider Arrow

Slider Infinite Mode and Animation

Slider Adaptive Height

Slider Autoplay and It’s Speed

Slider Dragable

Slider Pause on Hover, Center Mode and On Mouse Wheel Scroll option

Style Tab

Image Style

Icon Style

Title Style

Content Style

Button Style

Loop Style

Dots Style

Arrow Style

Center Mode Style