Page Pilling Scroll tutorial

Essential Classy Tab from Dashboad -> Widgets then enable Page Piling

Now Drag and Drop Page Piling widget

Direction : Vertical / Horizontal

In Repeater, You can select Template and Mange Scrollable option for Particular Slide.

Section with large content, You can Enable Scroll for that.

Vertically centering of the content within sections.

Create links to a certain section.

Manage Slide Scroll Speed

Manage transition effect.

Scrolling down in the last section should scroll to the first one or not using Loop Bottom Option.

Scrolling Up in the first section should scroll to the last one or not using Loop Top Option.

Manage Navigation Position and It’s Tooltip Text.

Manage content can be navigated using the keyboard

Disable Page Pilling from Screen Size

In Style Tab, We have Navigation Dot and Tooltip option.

In Navigation Dot, YOu can manage Gap and It’s Size.

Also, You can manage Background and It’s Border for Normal and Active State.

In Navigation Tooltip, You can manage Gap, Offset, Max. Width, Padding, Typography, Color, Background, Border and It’s Shadow.